sapply: What is sapply() Function in R

R sapply - How to Use sapply() Function in R

The sapply() function works like lapply(), but it tries to interpret the output to the most fundamental data structure possible, either Vector or Matrix. The sapply() is a “wrapper” function for lapply(). The apply() function is bundled with R essential package if installed with Anaconda. The apply() function returns the vector or array by applying a … Read more

pnorm: What is pnorm() Function in R

pnorm() Function in R with Example

The pnorm() function calculates the c. d. f. where X is normal. Optional arguments described on the online documentation specify the parameters of the particular normal distribution. pnorm in R The pnorm in R is a built-in function that returns the value of the cumulative density function (cdf) of the normal distribution given a certain random … Read more

sort in r: How to Sort Data in R

Sort in R: How to Sort Data in R Language

Sorting is a common operation in Programming is when data is arranged into meaningful order that makes it simpler to understand and analyze. In R, you can store data in various data types such as vectors, data frames, matrices, and arrays. sort in r The sort() is a built-in R function used to sort or … Read more

r toString: How to Create Character String in R

r toString

R has no built-in string data type. Instead, it has a character, and you can use the is.character() function to check. Type conversions in R work as you would expect. For example, adding the character string to a numeric vector converts all the vector items to the character. r toString The toString() is a built-in … Read more

R append to list: How to Append Element in R List

R append to list - How to Append Element in R List

R list is a data structure having elements of different data types. To create a list in R, use the list() function. To access the list, use indexing. You can use integer, logical, or character vectors for indexing.  List in R can be modified that means you can add, update, or delete the list components. … Read more

OR in R: How to Use OR Operator in R

R OR Operator Tutorial with Example

Logical operators are used to carry out Boolean operations like AND, OR, and NOT, etc. The logical operators can operate on raw, logical, and number-like vectors. Moreover, logical operators allow us to change or compare the results. There are various types of operators available in R, and logical is one of them, and in that, … Read more

pch in R: How to Use Plot Character in R

What is pch in R | Plot Character in R with Example

While creating a plot in R, you can add explanatory text like axis labels, titles, legends, or text. In addition, there are many plotting symbols available in R that can be used in plots. For example, the graphical argument used to specify point shapes is pch, and we will discuss the same in this article. … Read more