head in R: The Complete Guide

R head() Function- How to Get First Part of R Object

If you have a large dataset to analyze, condensing a vast dataset with 30+ columns and thousands of rows will get tough. To solve this problem, you can use either head() or tail() function. It gives you a snapshot of that large dataset. In this tutorial, we will see how to use a head() function with … Read more

OR in R: How to Use OR Operator in R

R OR Operator Tutorial with Example

Logical operators carry out Boolean operations like AND, OR, NOT, etc. The logical operators can operate on raw, logical, and number-like vectors. Moreover, logical operators allow us to change or compare the results. There are various types of operators available in R, and logical is one of them; we will talk about the OR operator. … Read more

as.Date in R: How to Use as.Date() Function

as.Date() Function in R with Example

To get today’s date in R, use the Sys.Date() function. Sys.Date() Output [1] “2021-03-11” To get the current date and time in R, use the date() function. date() Output [1] “Thu Mar 11 16:59:16 2021” Dates can be imported from character, numeric, POSIXlt, and POSIXct formats in R using as.Date() method. as.Date in R The … Read more

sapply: What is sapply() Function in R

R sapply - How to Use sapply() Function in R

The sapply() function works like lapply(), but it tries to interpret the output to the most fundamental data structure possible, either Vector or Matrix. The sapply() is a “wrapper” function for lapply(). The apply() function is bundled with R essential package if installed with Anaconda. The apply() function returns the vector or array by applying a … Read more

pnorm: What is pnorm() Function in R

pnorm() Function in R with Example

The pnorm() function calculates the c. d. f. where X is normal. Optional arguments described on the online documentation specify the parameters of the particular normal distribution. pnorm in R The pnorm in R is a built-in function that returns the value of the cumulative density function (cdf) of the normal distribution given a certain random … Read more