pch in R: How to Use Plot Character in R

What is pch in R | Plot Character in R with Example

While creating a plot in R, you can add explanatory text like axis labels, titles, legends, or text. In addition, many plotting symbols available in R can be used in plots. For example, the graphical argument used to specify point shapes is pch, and we will discuss the same in this post. pch in R … Read more

plot function in R: How to Plot Graph in R

plot() Function in R with Example

R language comes with a graphics package with a generic function called plot(), which is versatile and can be used to create different types of (X, Y) plots with points and lines. plot function in R The plot in R is a built-in generic method for plotting objects. The plot() isn’t a single defined function … Read more

chartr in R: How to Substitute characters of String

R chartr() Function - How to Substitute characters of String

The chartr() function in R language translates the characters in character vectors, particularly from upper to lower case or vice versa. The chartr() function is used to substitute characters of a string.  chartr() in R The chartr() is a built-in R function that is used to do string substitutions. The chartr() function replaces all the … Read more