R If else Statement (With Examples)

If else in R

The if else statement in R “evaluates a condition and executes different statements based on whether the condition is TRUE or FALSE”. Syntax if (condition) { expression A } else { expression B } Here, the “condition” is an expression that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE. If the condition is TRUE, the code within the first … Read more

R Comments (Single and Multiline)

Comment in R

In R, you can add comments to your code using the “hash symbol (#)”. Any text following the hash symbol on the same line will be treated as a comment and will not be executed. Comments help explain your code, making it more readable and understandable. Single-Line Comments in R R only supports single-line comments … Read more

R Operators: Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment

R Operators - Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment

An operator in R is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform a mathematical or logical operation. Types of operators Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Logical Operators Assignment Operators Miscellaneous Operators Arithmetic Operators in R Add(+) operator in R To add two vectors, you can use the “+ operator”. a <- c(1, 2, 3) b … Read more

How to Find the Second and Third Lowest Values in Data Frame Column in R

How to Find the Second and Third Lowest Values in R Data Frame Column

To find the second and third lowest values in R Data Frame Column, you can use the “sort()” method. df <- data.frame( name = c(“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, “F”, “G”), value = c(51, 12, 41, 21, 20, 81, 11) ) # Second and third lowest values sorted_values_asc <- sort(df$value, decreasing = FALSE) second_lowest_value <- … Read more

Pi in R Tutorial with Example

How to Calculate Pi in R with Example

Pi is a built-in R constant whose value is 3.141593. The pi constant is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. When you define a pi, please note that p of pi is in lowercase. Syntax pi Example print(pi) Output [1] 3.141593 The value of the pi constant in R is … Read more