How to Write Functions in R with Default and Named Arguments

How to Write Functions in R Language

A function in programming is a block of standardized and reusable code used to execute a single operation. It provides greater modularity for your application. Several programming languages have different names for functions, for example, methods, subroutines, procedures, etc. Let’s see how to write a function in the R language. Functions in R Functions in … Read more

How to Convert R List to String

How to Convert R List to String

In R, the list is the object which contains elements of different types like strings, numbers, vectors, and even another list. R treats any data type as a string if it is written within a pair of single or double-quotes. Converting from each other is not a big problem, and R provides inbuilt functions for conversions. … Read more

For Loop in R: The Complete Guide

For Loop in R - The Complete Guide

Loops are the most frequently used snippet in any programming language, and R is no different. All modern programming languages implement special structures that allow the repetition of code instructions. What is a loop in R Loops in R are used to repeat a specific block of code instructions. Over the years, there are lots … Read more

map() Function in R: How to Install Purrr Package

R Map: How to Install Purrr Package and Use map() in R

If you are working with functions and vectors, then you need to use the purrr package. The purrr package improves the R’s functional programming (FP) toolkit. The map() function in R is categorized under functional programming that allows you to replace many for loops with code that is more concise and clearer to read. How to Install … Read more

apply() Function in R with Example

Apply in R - How to Use apply() Function in R Programming

The apply() in R is essentially allows us to cross the data in several ways to conceal the explicit uses of loop constructs. The apply() function can be utilized for an input matrix, array, or list. apply() in R The apply() is an inbuilt R function that returns a vector or an array or a … Read more

lapply() Function in R: How to Use lapply() Method

R lapply - How to Use lapply() Function in R Programming

The apply() function is bundled with the R package. The apply() function can be feed with many functions to perform repetitive operations on a collection of objects (data frame, list, vector, etc.). The apply() functions form the basis of more complex combinations and helps to perform operations with very few lines of code. More specifically, … Read more

R Factor and Factor Levels: How to Create Factors in R

R Factor and Factor Levels - How to Create Factors in R

Factors are the list of unique values that are stored as integers. Factors are beneficial in data analysis for statistical modeling. Factors are data structures used for fields that take only predefined, a finite number of values (categorical data).  R Factor Factors in R are the data objects used to categorize the data and store … Read more