3 Easy Ways to Check R Version in R Studio x64

R is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics and is constantly being updated and improved.

It is essential to keep track of the version of R that you are using, as different versions may have additional features and capabilities.

If you are working with a script or package written for a specific R version, it is essential to ensure that you are using the correct version of R to avoid compatibility issues.

How to Check R Version in R Studio x64

3 easy ways to check the R version in RStudio x64.

  1. Using R.version command
  2. Using version command
  3. Using sessionInfo() command

Method 1: Using the R.version command

The easiest way to check the R version in RStudio is to use the R.version command, which will print the list of information about the version of R that is being used.

The version number is included in this list, and you can find it under the [‘version.string’] field.

How to Check R Version in R Studio x64

You can see that our version is defined in the version.string row whose value is R version 4.1.1 means we are using R version 4.1.1 in RStudio.

Method 2: Using the version command

Another way to check the R version inside the RStudio is to use the version command.

Using the version command

You can see that the output from the version command is the same as R.version.

The version command returns information about the computer you are using and the version of R you are using.

Method 3: Using the sessionInfo() command

The sessionInfo() command collects the information about the current R Session and prints it in the console.

Using the sessionInfo() command


Use either R.version or version command to check the current version installed of R in RStudio.

That’s it.

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