What is Scatterplot in R

How to Create Scatter Plot in R with Example

A scatterplot in R is a type of data visualization that explains the relationship between two numerical variables. A scatterplot is a set of dotted points representing individual pieces of data on the horizontal and vertical axis. How to Create a Scatterplot in R In R, you can create a scatterplot using the plot() function. … Read more

What is plot() Function in R

plot() Function in R with Example

R plot() is a built-in generic function for plotting objects. It creates scatter plots, bar plots, box plots, time series plots, etc. depending on the arguments passed to it. For example, plot(x, y) creates a scatter plot of x and y numeric vectors. The plot() isn’t a defined function but a placeholder for a family … Read more

What is chartr() Function in R

R chartr() Function - How to Substitute characters of String

The chartr() is a built-in R function that is used to do string substitutions. It replaces all the matches of the existing characters of a string with the new characters specified as the argument. Syntax chartr(old, new, x) Arguments old: The old string is to be substituted. new: It is the new string. x: It … Read more

What is Barplot() Function in R

Bar Chart in R: Bar Plot in R using barplot() Function

The barplot() function in R creates a bar chart with vertical or horizontal bars. It accepts many arguments and, based on that, it will draw the bar chart. The bars can have different colors, and their heights can be based on a vector or matrix of numeric values. Syntax barplot(height, xlab, ylab, main, names.arg, col) Parameters … Read more

bty in R: What is Control box type in R

bty in R - Control box type in Plotting

The bty option in the R plot() function controls the box style of the base. The bty is a parameter of the par() method that allows the box’s custom around the plot. The shape of the letter represents the boundaries. o: complete box (default parameter), n: no box 7: top + right L: bottom + … Read more