How to Use the unique() Function in R

How to Extract Unique Elements in R using unique() Function

The unique() function in R is “used to eliminate or delete the duplicate values or the rows present in the vector, data frame, or matrix”. Syntax unique(data) Parameters data: It is a vector, data frame, array, or NULL. Return Value If the input data is a Vector, it returns an object of the same type of data input … Read more

How to Use the seq() Function in R

R Seq - How to Generate Sequence of Numbers in R

The seq() function in R is “used to generate a regular sequence of numbers”. Syntax seq(from, to, by, length.out=NULL, along.with=NULL) Parameters from: It represents where the sequence should begin. to: It represents where the sequence should end. by: It represents the step size or interval of the sequence. length.out: The desired length of the sequence. along.with: … Read more

How to Remove Duplicate Rows in R

How to Remove Duplicates in R with Example

There are the following methods to “remove duplicate rows in R”. Using the “!duplicated()” method Using the “unique()” method Using dplyr package’s “distinct()” method Method 1: Using !duplicated() method To remove duplicate rows from a data frame in R, the easiest way is to use the “!duplicated()” method, where ! is logical negation. It determines … Read more

How to Check If File Already Exists in R

How to Check If File or Folder Exists in R

To check if the file already exists in R, you can use the “file.exists()” or “file_test()” method from the “utils” package. Method 1: Using the file.exists() function The file.exists() method “returns a logical vector suggesting whether the file mentioned in the function exists“. Syntax file.exists(paths) Parameters paths: They are character vectors containing file names or paths. … Read more

How to Use the getwd() Function in R

getwd() function in R with Example

The getwd() function in R is “used to display the current working directory”. Therefore, it does not take any parameter and returns the absolute filepath. Syntax getwd() Parameters The getwd() function does not take any parameter. Return value The getwd() function returns a character string or NULL if the working directory is unavailable. On Windows OS, … Read more

4 Ways to Compare Between Groups in R

4 Ways to Compare Between Groups in R

There are the following methods to compare groups in R. Method 1: Using the “t-tests” Method 2: Using the “aov()” function Method 3: Use the “wilcox.test()” Method 4: Use the “kruskal.test()” To check if there is a significant difference between the mean or median of two or more groups in R, you should compare groups. … Read more

How to Create Directory and File If It doesn’t Exist in R

How to Create Files and Directories in R

To create a directory and file if it does not exist in R, you can use the “file.exists()” function along with the “dir.create()” and “file.create()” functions. The dir.create() function creates a new directory with a specified path. The file.create() function creates a new file with a specified name. Syntax dir.create(path, showWarnings = TRUE, recursive = FALSE, mode = … Read more

How to Rename a File in R

How to Rename a File in R

To rename a file in R, you can use the “file.rename()” function that “renames a single file name from an old to new or multiple files simultaneously”. Syntax file.rename(from, to) Parameters from: It is a character vector that contains all the files to be renamed. to: It is a character vector that contains new names … Read more

How to Use the View() Function in R

View() Function in R - The Complete Guide

The View() function in R is “used to invoke a spreadsheet-style data viewer within RStudio“. Syntax View(data) Ensure you type a capital “V” when using this function. Parameters data: An R object coerced to a data frame with non-zero numbers of rows and columns. Return Value It returns an Invisible NULL. The functions put up … Read more

What is the duplicated() Function in R

R duplicated() Function with Example

The duplicated() function in R is “used to check which elements of a vector or data frame are duplicates and returns a logical vector suggesting which elements (rows) are duplicates”. Syntax duplicated(dataframe) Parameters dataframe: It is a data frame. Return value The duplicated() method returns the logical vector of the same length as the input … Read more